Slope Guide: Breckenridge in 7 Days  


Ready to leave the East behind and immerse yourself in the Rockies for some serious skiing? I’m stoked you found Slopehacker and our Breckenridge Ski Resort Guide!

While Breckenridge appears to be more low-key than other upscale ski resort areas such as Aspen or Vail, there is still plenty of opportunity for killer skiing and luxury experiences

I’ve compiled the Breckenridge Ski Resort Guide to help you maximize your time in the mountains. From world-class ski slopes to high-end experiences in and around the village, Breckenridge Ski Resort has something for everyone. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through how to spend your time in Breckenridge. Read below for a suggested 7-day itinerary to maximize your time in the mountains

🗓️ How to Structure a Week in Breckenridge 

Depending on your vacation and skiing style, there are a few ways to tackle Breckenridge. If you’re like me, you’re optimizing for maximal time on the slopes, with everything else coming in lower priority. However, if you’re with family, a mixed skill-level group, or prefer a blend of skiing plus other winter activities, plenty of suggestions are included in this guide to make the most of your trip.  

Wherever you choose to stay, ensure it’s a solid home base for your planned activities. For instance, you can choose to stay around the Breckenridge Ski Resort with easy mountain and village access to explore the town fully. Or you can stay in a nearby Silverthorne, Frisco, or Dillon to try different ski resorts, including Breckenridge, or winter activities such as snowmobiling or dog sledding. 

All suggestions in this guide make for a memorable trip I’d be excited about taking friends or family on. 

Breckenridge Ski Resort Trip Overview

🌴 Vacation Days Needed: 5-7
✈️ Airport: Denver 
🤑 Cost: $$$
💲 Currency: USD
🗣️ Language: English
🛏️ Lodging: Hotels, Rental Houses
🚌 Public Transit: Yes (free)
🏘️ Ski Village Vibe: Active

7-Day Breckenridge Itinerary Overview

1️⃣: Travel Day: Denver to Breckenridge 
2️⃣: Peaks 6 and 7 
3️⃣: Snowcat Skiing 
4️⃣: Spa & Town Day 
5️⃣: Peaks 8 and 9 
6️⃣: Backcountry Bound 
7️⃣: Peak 10 and Farewell Ski 
8️⃣: Travel Day: Breckenridge to Denver

🗺️ Pre-Trip Planning

✈️ Flight Hacks

East Coast Hub Airlines to Denver

Flight Departure CityDeparture AirportHub Airlines to Denver
NYCLaguardiaUnited, Southwest, Frontier
BostonBoston LoganN/A
DCReagan NationalN/A
Dulles InternationalUnited
PhiladelphiaPHL InternationalFrontier
Note that this table outlines hub airlines and does not include all airlines or routes. Double-check your local airport for preferred flight routes and airlines.

🛌 Lodging 

🎩 Luxury Hotels & Neighborhoods

View or download the Breck map here.

🗒️ Packing List 

✅ Reservations

  • Restaurants (on-mountain, too!)
  • Ski rentals
  • Excursion Skiing & Non-skiing activities

🌎 Trip

Day 1: Arrival and Unwind

Denver to Breck Transit Options

By Colin Lloyd
Car List
Car List List
Car Sharing ServicesTuro, Avail
For a full list of airport transit options, visit:


  • Arrive in Breckenridge and settle into your mountain home for the next week. I prefer to arrive the night before to give myself the entire Day 1 to acclimatize and feel rested before hitting the slopes on Day 2.
  • If that’s not an option, try arriving as early as possible to spend Day 1 around town and plan to ski on Day 2. Of course, you can always hit the slopes if there’s time and you’re itching to get after it despite traveling on Day 1!  
  • After checking in and freshening up (or getting a full night’s rest if opting for my travel preferences), head downtown to explore the restaurants for breakfast or lunch. After eating, if you need to rent gear and didn’t use Ski Butlers, pick up your ski equipment now to get it out of the way.
  • Then you can browse the boutiques, shops and art galleries. I recommend not purchasing anything immediately and simply flagging any unique souvenirs and artwork to remember your trip you can return to after exploring all the shops.
  • Bonus options: get a massage and stop by the grocery store for essentials for your mountain home during the week. 
  • In the evening, head to a local favorite restaurant and perhaps some cocktail bars to toast to the beginning of an epic ski trip

Day 2: Skiing on Peaks 6 and 7

By Christophe Laurenceau


  • As much as I love sending it as soon as I get on the mountain, I try to ski smarter, not harder, these days to enjoy the entire week without exhausting myself.
  • As long as it’s not windy or super snowy, I start at Peaks 6 and 7, as they have a solid mix of blue runs to warm up. I prefer blues to greens for my warm-up since they tend to be less crowded and more similar to the terrain I’ll be skiing that week. These Peaks run above and into the treeline, so I prefer this area on calmer weather days with good visibility
  • Today is also great for hiring a private ski instructor to get back into your groove or refine your existing skills with personalized attention. Another bonus of skiing with a private instructor is that you get priority lift line access and don’t have to wait with other skiers. They’ll also have insider tips for enjoying the mountain and town of Breckenridge!
  • Enroll young kids or those new to skiing in ski school.   
  • For lunch, I prefer to graze on nutrient-dense snacks throughout the day instead of a full-on sit-down meal, but that’s just me. If you want a hearty lunch, check out Pioneer Crossing at the top of Peak 7 or Sevens (takes reservations!) at the base of Peak 7. You can check out other on-mountain options at Peaks 8 and 9 later this week.     
  • After a full day on the slopes, prepare for après-ski from 4-5:30pm-ish. Sevens is a great on-mountain option, but skip if you had lunch here and head to town instead.

Alternatively, if you didn’t squeeze in a massage yesterday, you can skip happy hour and pamper yourself in town for your après-ski activity today. Then go to one of the après-ski spots for dinner instead. After dinner, there are plenty of options for a night cap!

Day 3: Snowcat Skiing 

By U.S. Government
  • Despite the lack of heli-skiing options in Breckenridge/Summit country, you can try snowcat skiing with Vail Powder Guides, approximately 35-40 minutes from Breckenridge. 
  • Make breakfast at home to focus on an action-packed day of snowcat skiing. Then head to the tour meeting point at Vail Pass Rest Area, exit 190 of Interstate 70, by 8:30 am.
  • After an adventure-filled day in the backcountry, head back to Breckenridge to unwind at your lodging, either in the hot tub or in other relaxing amenities like the sauna. These tours are 8 hours, so plan to miss most of the après-ski time today.
  • Head to dinner in town. If Day 3 is a Tuesday, there is trivia night at Broken Compass Brewing. Or the Motherloaded Tavern always has a packed events calendar for a more interactive meal. Tomorrow’s suggested itinerary does not feature skiing, so you can let a little loose tonight without impacting your performance on the slopes.     

Day 4: Spa Retreat and Town Day 

By Yaroslav Shuraev
  • After a good night’s rest, you’ll start today with breakfast at home or in town, then explore the town. 
  • If you haven’t opted for a massage or spa visit yet, I highly recommend a spa treatment or yoga class for a more relaxing afternoon to refresh mid-week and finish the trip strong.
  • Alternatively, skip the massage and choose a low-key activity instead, such as shopping, mine touring, or Breck Create Art Workshops.  
  • In the evening, enjoy a private chef’s table experience in the comfort of your accommodation, such as The Happy Cuisiniere, or explore more options through At Your Breck and Call. Nothing is better than enjoying a tailor-made menu prepared by an expert while you relax and soak in the mountain vibes. 
  • If you’re close to town and want a nightcap, go for it!

Day 5: Skiing on Peaks 8 and 9

  • Make breakfast at home, then head to the resort for the first chair! Today I suggest spending time at Peaks 8 and 9 if you haven’t yet been to this part of the mountain. 
  • Though Peaks 8 and 9 may seem easy since Peak 9 is suitable for beginners, there’s still a great mix of intermediate and advanced terrain to carve. Plus, this is an excellent area if you’re tired from earlier in the week and want to take a few light runs. 
  • For lunch, try TBar or Vista Haus at Peak 8, or Peak 9 has the Ski Hill Grill and The Overlook.
  • Head to town for dinner. If Day 5 is on a Thursday, you can head to Rita’s for trivia or Mi Casa for Thursday night football and NFL bingo if that’s your thing. 

Day 6: Explore Breckenridge Backcountry

By Felipe Simo
  • Grab breakfast in town before a private snowmobiling tour exploring Breckenridge’s backcountry. A snowmobile tour is the perfect opportunity to capture FOMO-inducing shots of untouched wilderness while exploring snowy landscapes. For a more family-friendly activity, consider a dog sledding adventure through the snowy backcountry instead. 
  • Depending on your chosen activity, they may provide lunch. Otherwise, make the most of your time off the slopes and head back to town for lunch.
  • In the afternoon, try another outdoor activity such as winter fat biking, ice skating, or snowshoeing to be active without skiing. Alternatively, you could check out a yoga class in town to stretch before your final day on the slopes.  
  • Try a wine blending experience at Continental Divide Winery for happy hour. Note it’s open until 4 pm or 6 pm, depending on the day. Afterward, continue the wine theme and treat yourself to a gourmet dinner at Aurum Food & Wine Breckenridge.
  • If Day 6 is on a Friday, plenty of solid performances, dancing, or live music options exist in Breck, and we have recommendations listed below in the activities section of the guide.

Day 7: Farewell Ski at Peak 10 

By Alyssa Best
  • Make breakfast, then hit the slopes for your final day. Spend time around Peak 10 to explore any last areas you haven’t been to yet. 
  • Have lunch at Tenmile Station.
  • Continue exploring any ski areas or runs you haven’t been to, or revisit your favorites.
  • If you bookended your trip with massages, get your final one today after après.  
  • Have your farewell dinner at Traverse Restaurant and Bar to soak up mountain views with your last meal
  • Hit the town or have a movie night around the fire to enjoy the final evening in your accommodations. 

Day 8: Departure and Travel Day 

By Bao Menglong
  • Make the final breakfast with any leftovers. Otherwise, head to town for breakfast. 
  • Finish packing and any check-out procedures for your lodging.
  • Review the final details for your transit back to the Denver airport, whether by car rental, shuttle, or car service, and head to the Denver airport.  


With this guide, you’ll be sure to maximize your time in the mountains. Breckenridge Ski Resort has everything, from untouched backcountry to incredible resort skiing, with relaxing spa experiences, gourmet dining, and shopping for days. So, leave the East behind and embark on your journey to the Rockies!